Open Mind School is a research-lab school in Silicon Valley.
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We are a research school that applies innovative platforms and products. We collaborate with local universities and startups to bring cutting edge technology into our classrooms and provide feedback on these methods.


We provide an inclusive environment with a focus on meeting the needs of each individual student. Our learning design model creates personalized education through appropriate accommodations.


Whole Child

We practice an approach that emphasizes the development of the whole child. We utilize the Waldorf and Montessori principles to enrich the academic experience and provide a wide range of electives and activities.

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"When you think nobody is able to help you, there’s always someone. And for us, that’s Marina."
"He was sitting in the playroom with some of the buddies and they were playing a game and singing a song. And Jeffrey literally took the lead. He was the one telling the rest of them what to do. We didn’t think that it could be done. That’s a huge influence."
“She just blossomed. Her self-esteem, her confidence. She was so comfortable and so happy. I think a lot of it was she was feeling very welcomed and her needs were met by Marina at Open Mind this summer."



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I remember when I first picked up Rishi to take him to the After school Program.  He had so many questions and loved chatting with me in the car.  The next day he would ask me the same questions.  But this time he answered them.  He had remembered what I said and was telling me!  He would remember what was on my keychain and even facts about my family... More

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