Open Mind School is built on the firm belief that all children deserve access to high quality equal education alongside their peers. Students should actively participate in their own learning and everyone should have the opportunity to share thoughts, express emotions, and be heard by caring professionals through a total communication approach.



Open Mind School advocates a compelling call to action for schools to provide an equal education for students. OMS’s pilot model school presumes intelligence and provides students with access to grade level lessons and content. OMS emphasizes the social emotional development for children through innovative enrichment and support service programs.

We hope to have a mixed demographic and demystify what a comprehensive inclusive model could look like in the educational system. Our research and approach documents significant gains across domains for students and we hope to help build up this model in other local schools.


Head of School


Classroom Support


Head Teacher


Educational Consultant


Classroom Aide


Early Elementary Co-Teacher


Researcher and Consultant


Art Teacher/Classroom Support


Classroom Support/Swim Teacher


Lead Behaviorist


Researcher/Classroom Support


Tech Instructor/Branding


What is the eligibility and application process?

We accept and review applications for new students on a rolling basis throughout the year. The number of openings varies depending on the number of students enrolled in the classroom. To get started please fill out The New Family Intake Form. After receiving the intake we schedule an initial phone call with the executive director.


What is the tuition or payment structure?

Please contact Open Mind School for further details regarding tuition and the payment structure. 


What grades does the school cover?

Open Mind School is a Pre-K to 12th grade school.


Can I visit Open Mind School?

Yes. We work hard to minimize the distraction of observers and are sensitive to the privacy of students and families; so we limit the tours to twice a month. We do our best to only have families and professionals already in the intake/hiring process tour the classrooms. You need to schedule a tour time directly with the director. The best way to get a school tour is to fill out the interested family form and request a tour request a tour at info@openmindschool.org.


Are you a nonpublic school NPS?

No. We are a nonprofit private school in Silicon Valley. When appropriate, we work with school districts as an alternative placement.


What is the ratio of students to teachers?

We are usually a 3:1 ratio with some students having a 1:1 behavior and communication support professional.

What are your hours?

The school day runs 8:30-12:30 for part day early elementary and 8:30-2:00 for full day early elementary. Upper elementary, middle school, and high school students have classes 9:00-2:30pm. We offer early morning drop ins and after school services until 6:00pm.


How long is your school year?

We are a year round school. We operate all twelve months with some holidays. Please see our academic calendar  for a complete list.


What are your primary funding sources?

Our primary funding source is cost of programs and tuition. We offer financial aid to families and depend on community and private donations to offset the cost of tuition. We work with insurance companies for specialized services such as SLP, OT, and ABA services when appropriate.


What is the profile of students attending OMS?

Open Mind School is an inclusive school admitting children of varying ability. We serve students who are gifted, those typically mainstreamed (many of whom are siblings of a child with special needs, students previously home schooled, or children of professionals who are involved in OMS and the inclusion effort), and children with a range of special needs. Our vision is to create an inclusive educational opportunity for differently-abled learners.


What summer programs and after school programs are currently available?

Please see our list of classes.

For any further queries, please send us a message here.