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Looking back…

I remember when I first picked up Rishi to take him to the After school Program.  He had so many questions and loved chatting with me in the car.  The next day he would ask me the same questions.  But this time he answered them.  He had remembered what I said and was telling me!  He would remember what was on my keychain and even facts about my family.

“We are going to Kidspace with Allison in the white car.  We will see marina at Kidspace with my friends.”  ”Marina is a woman, you are a woman, Ishaan is a boy, and I am a boy!”

I cannot wait until he comes back from his trip!

–Allison Stein

In-Kind Donations

Yes! The first shipment is in! There have been so many generous companies willing to donate to Open Mind School. So far we have received:

*$25 Gift Card to Fun and Functional

*Fidget bag from Got-Autism

*Two versions of See it and Sign it game and the Laser Band from Playability

We are so appreciative of the equipment these companies have given to us. Check out their websites for other sensory goodies!