Classroom Support

Position Summary:

The position of Classroom Support Staff is a unique opportunity for professionals interested in a career in Education, Behavior Support, Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psych or related field to gain meaningful hands-on experience. The school day is 9am-2:30pm and staff are expected to be onsite from 8:30am-3:30pm. Materials, curriculum, and training are provided by Open Mind School and leading professionals. You’ll need to confidently implement a positive behavior support plans to help students with movement and regulation.  This can be a life-changing experience for someone who is committed, passionate, open minded and has a drive to make a profound impact in the life of a student at our nonprofit. Start date: immediately.


Compensation: Based on experience and fit


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Follow a Student Learning Overview and education plan including positive behavior support plans.
  2. Keep the student motivated and engaged.
  3. Provide support during group times, small group, and individual instruction. We will have art therapists, music therapist, social facilitators, foreign language teachers and yoga/movement, etc·
  4. Under the direction of the lead educator you might be responsible for planning, preparing, and implementing lesson plans.
  5. Support the classroom teacher in daily instruction.
  6. Help student follow safe and appropriate toileting routines. You may need to help with wiping after bowel movements and changing clothes.
  7. Be on time at the beginning of school and when returning from breaks.
  8. Control the amount of language used in the classroom, limit cross talk with co-workers (this is verbal clutter and very disorganizing for students and the environment).
  9. Attend team meetings.
  10. Separate your personal life from your professional life.
  11. Assist with providing regular, ongoing, positive communication with parents, including but not limited to, daily or weekly written and verbal reports.
  12. Direct questions from parents as needed to the school director.
  13. Support the classroom teacher in maintaining classroom structure and organization.
  14. Administrative tasks as assigned.
  15. Maintain confidentiality.
  16. Dress comfortable but professional.
  17. Have fun and be creative!

Skills & Qualifications:

  1. Requirements include a background check, current physical clearance, a negative TB test, and police records check.
  2. Classroom support staff must possess excellent leadership, interpersonal and time management skills, proficiency with writing and communication, good problem-solving skills, and must work well in teams.
  3. An open mind to many methodologies and teaching strategies is required.
  4. Minimum of an undergrad degree and preference for graduate degree in progress or completed. 


  1.  Affiliation with a groundbreaking startup
  2.  Opportunity to positively impact the lives of students and their families in an inclusive setting
  3.  Job growth opportunities