Fundraising Coordinator

Position Summary:

Under general directions and supervision, the Fundraising  Coordinator is responsible for executing marketing and fundraising plans. Fundraising Coordinator must track and properly document all activities and complete all necessary reporting requirements. Fundraising Coordinator will ensure that personal conduct and representation at meetings and various community events is professional and aligns with the organizations mission and code of conduct.

Reasonable fundraising goals, activities, budgets, and expense sheets will be established by the Financial Officer and Executive Director.  Fundraising Coordinator will research and contact potential funders; as well as building and maintaining close relationships with all potential funders. Fundraising Coordinator will help obtain funding by cold calling, sending mailing information, emailing potential donors and drafting, editing, and preparing grants for submission.


Classification: Part-time contractor with the possibility of increasing hours in the future


Compensation: Based on experience and fit


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Take initiative to search and research potential donors and foundations to build relationships with including individual community donors.
  2. Generate new ideas and business opportunities to increase fundraising and fund development to meet and exceed revenue goals.
  3. Lead in initiating, planning, and implementing all necessary activities, in a timely manner, to ensure that program goals and objectives are accomplished.
  4. Submits documents and reports in a timely manner to meet stated deadlines.
  5. Prepare grants/ project proposals and progress reports as required by program contract and agreements.
  6. Process incoming and prepare outgoing inquires for donors and volunteers in close association with Executive Director.
  7. Coordinate volunteers.
  8. Provide administrative support with regard to e-mails and newsletters with donation summaries and thank you blasts on facebook page/twitter; also including mailing information, copies, correspondence and errands.
  9. Maintains the organizations website and fundraising platforms.
  10. Plays a key role in event planning for fundraisers.
  11. Seek and participate in strategic opportunities for professional development.
  12. Participate in staff meetings and activities related to the organizations fundraising department.
  13. Other duties assigned as needed.

Skills & Qualifications:

  1. Ability to independently initiate projects and activities.
  2. Must have a friendly and professional speaking voice with strong phone etiquette skills, positive and energetic attitude, and strong desire to meet goals and commitments.
  3. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  4. Excellent time-management skills with the ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and meet deadlines.
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication, as well as negotiation skills.
  6. Able to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.
  7. Ability to maintain client confidentiality
  8. Attentive to details.
  9. Dedication, motivation, drive, ambition, and commitment to the job at hand.
  10. Must have the skills and potential to excel in this position.
  11. A minimum of an undergraduate degree in a related field

  12. A minimum of 3 years working experience in a related field with experience in project fundraising.


Information management:
Treats all information and data within the scope of the position with appropriate confidentiality and security.


Due to the nature of the work environment, it is required that all staff members perform duties beyond their job description, such as, but not limited to, answering phone calls, taking messages, helping other employees.