To cultivate the learning of a diverse student population, OMS makes curriculum for different learners accessible. We apply a multi-sensory, project based curriculum that aligns with California state content standards. The curriculum emphasizes enrichment activities and technology as the link binding all learners together. Our high adult-to-child ratio allows for program individualization and appropriate social facilitation. Open Mind’s trans-disciplinary model allows varying specialists to train staff on best practice interventions pertaining to their field. We closely track progress and apply research from current neuroscience and educationally-based procedures.


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 yellowPuzzle  Academics:

OMS utilizes an individualized academic approach through personalized schedules, IEPs when appropriate, and curriculum modified to meet the needs of each student. We apply curriculum that aligns with California state content standards and emphasizes math, ELA, science, and social studies.

 redPuzzle  Movement:

Through enrichment activities, such as Occupational Therapy Gym, Hiking and Yoga, students develop both their fine motor and gross motor skills. By focusing on physical wellness and fitness, students will simultaneously improve control and concentration across all domains.





Our program is committed to helping students reach their goals, both inside and outside of the classroom. We offer various enrichment activities such as Music Therapy and Art, which allow students to pursue their interests, while practicing social skills and self-expression.